My Top 19 Dream SFT Adventures

The formula for a Skill Focused Travel Adventure.

  1. Pick an activity you want to pursue.
  2. Pick a location to go pursue it in.

These are my top  SFT adventures.

1. Study Improv In Chicago

Not Every SFT Adventure has to be overseas.  The windy city of Chicago is the place to study improv.  John Belushi, Steve Carell, Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, Tina Fey, they all got their start here.  Chicago is home to the infamous Second City improv group and countless other organizations.  I have always wanted to learn in the same halls as the greatest names in comedy.

2. Learn To Fly In South America

I’m stealing this one from a friend.  His story will be featured in an upcoming episode of my podcast. Learning in a country like Argentina would be a fraction of the price of learning in the United States.

3. Practice Italian In Italy

I spent 24 hours in Milan several years ago.  I studied Italian for four months for that trip.  Needless to say 24 hours wasn’t nearly enough time to test my skills out.   I’m hoping to go back and become fluent in the language.

4. Learn Bahasa In Indonesia

Bahasa is one of the most interesting “languages” I’ve come across.  To unite the Malay / Indonesian region, leaders harmonized their languages.  Bahasa is not exactly a single language but a group of languages where many words are pronounced the same way.  Bahasa also originates in the most beautiful lands I have visited.  It would be a great reason to go back.

5. Learn General Construction With A Tiny Home Across North/South America

I have worked for mechanical contractors and I have an engineering degree.  I plan to put those skills to use to build a small home I could travel with.

6. Explore Coffee Brewing While Touring The Coffee Belt

The coffee belt is the tropical region that wraps around the globe.  Think Columbia, Sumatra, Ethiopia, etc.  I have a minor big addiction to coffee.  What better way to support that addiction than to tour coffee farms around the world.

7. Study The Art Of Beverage Making In Vietnam

One of the craziest things I noticed in Vietnam is their obsession with beverages of all kinds.  In Vietnam, it’s not uncommon to stop for a coffee on the way to work, step out for a tea on a side street, catch up with friends for bubble tea, and finish the night out with a cocktail.  Vietnam has the most diverse and complex beverage culture I have seen and I would kill for the chance to go back and explore it more.

8. Learn To Spear Fish In South America

I worked on cruising yachts in my summers during college.  The captain of the boat sometimes spear fished for tuna, snapper, etc.  It was a thrilling merger of fishing and hunting.  I always wanted to but never got a great chance to really learn how to do it.

9. Get My Captain’s License And Learn To Run Charters In The Tropics Or Mediterranean

I came so close to having my captains license while working on yachts in college.  It’s one of my big regrets that I never got it.

10. Master Back Country Snowboarding In North Western North America

I’m not much of a cold weather person, but I would quickly put that gripe aside to learn how to explore the back country of Alaska or British Columbia.

11. Learn To Shape A Surfboard And Master The Short Board In Bali

Surfing in Bali will always have a special meaning for me.  It’s where I learned to surf and caught my first waves.  I’m all for going back and taking my skills to the next level.

12. Build A Motorcycle In South East Asia Or The Middle East

After my motorbike adventure through Vietnam, I’m hooked.  I had a love hate relationship with my cheap Chinese motorbike.  I want to go on another big biking adventure but next time with a bike built or restored by my own hands.

13. Write A Novel In Morocco

I wrote a few small pieces of work, but I have had an idea for a novel stewing for a while.  I plan to escape from the rest of the world and spend a few months in Morocco writing my first draft.

14. Learn The Guitar In Mexico

Like the story of the Mexican Fisherman, I just want to fish a little, play guitar with my amigos, and take naps around the plaza.

15. Train To Hang Glide In The Alps

With the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world, what better way to explore them than by soaring around in gilder?  Flying has long been a dream of mine and this seems like the most pure form of flying.

16. Learn To Navigate A Hot Air Balloon In Turkey

I’ve never been up in a balloon but I can imagine how great it would be.  I don’t just want to go up in one though, I want to learn to steer and navigate it too.

17. Master Cooking In The Middle East

Middle Eastern food is some of my favorite food in the world.  It’s also a region from which I have little experience.  It’s the perfect opportunity to expand my cooking skills.

18. Train To Hike From Nepal To Tibet

No I don’t plan to climb Everest.  With a 1 in 27 death rate, I’m perfectly happy just taking in the sites as I trek across the border.  I’m sure there are plenty of challenges still to be had.

19. Master Whitewater Rafting On The Zambezi River

I’ve been whitewater rafting once.  It was amazing, and If I get the chance to really get in to it, the Zambezi would be my dream place to test my skills.


There you go.  My 19 wild and crazy SFT adventures.

Have any dream trips of your own? Let me know what skills you want to pursue and where your dream place to do it is.




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