Skill Focused Travel (SFT)

Procedures for Skill Focused Travel

I haven’t seen anyone using this term yet.  I’m coining it here and now. Skill Focused Travel conceptually is not new.  People have been traveling the world learning new crafts since the dawn of time, but I’ve yet to see anyone definitively establish this as a form of tourism.

What is Skill Focused Travel

Skill Focused Travel is longer form travel with the primary focus of acquiring new talents and abilities.


  • Learn in a stimulating environment
  • Distractions of home/work life are removed to accelerate learning
  • Lower costs of living make learning new skills affordable
  • Provides opportunity for authenticity (repetition)

Examples of Skill Focused Travel

  1. Learning to Surf in Bali
  2. Studying Mixology in Japan
  3. Learning a New Language in it’s Native Country
  4. Getting Certified to Fly Airplanes in Argentina
  5. Learning to DJ in Bangkok
  6. Practicing Yoga in India
The list goes on and on.  There’s no limit to how this methodology of travel can be structured.

Procedures for Skill Focused Travel

Step 1:   Name a talent you don’t have. Step 2:  Pick a remote place where it would be fun to learn said talent and go. There is no Step 3.  It’s that simple. Step 1. Step 2.  That’s it.
The benefits I’ve seen from SFT stem far beyond the skills I learned.  SFT has shaped the way I plan to live and travel in the future.  It’s provided me with a new look at life.  It’s opened me up to more authentic experiences.  It’s given me new levels of confidence and excitement in life. More to come. This is the first of several articles on SFT.    Cheers, JF

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