Everything I’m Listening To, Watching, And Reading 2018

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This list comes in no particular order.  I listen, watch, or read from all these mediums at various times and in random order.


Listening To:



I’m a big fan of podcasts.  This year I have been on the road a lot.  I listen to the radio, but more often than not I’m listening to podcasts.


1.Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know is a far cry from stuff you should actually know.  It’s usually stuff you will find interesting.  Their episodes make excellent conversation pieces at parties.  From how Nazi’s work to how Circus’s work, they cover a variety of topics.   Some of my favorite topics covered in the last year are:

  • How Seed Banks Work.
  • How Narco States Work.
  • How Spam Works.
  • How Psychopaths Work.
  • Are Crickets The Future Of Food.


2. Tim Ferriss Show

I’ve been a fan of Tim Ferriss for a long time.  Nothing gets me more excited than meeting a fellow Ferriss Fan.  I’ve read all but his latest book (It’s next in my list).  Where Stuff You Should Know is about general knowledge on interesting topics, Tim’s Podcast goes deep into topics that directly impact my quality of life.  He interviews various experts and is a master at extracting information.  If you have never listened to a podcast, I would suggest starting with Tim’s interview with Jamie Foxx.  My favorite three podcasts from Tim are:

  • Arnold Schwartzanager
  • Jamie Foxx
  • Cal Fussman


3. Noah Kagan Presents

Noah breaks down the barriers between you and your goals by showing you just how easy it is to progress towards them with simple intelligent steps.  My favorite presentation he ever made was on selling frisbees.  Noah went from an idea of selling custom designed frisbee golf disks to actually selling $100 worth in about an hour.  No business registration, no logo creation, no website.  From an idea to money in the pocket hours later, he completely turned my world upside down and showed how easy it can be.


4. Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast

Honestly, this podcast provides little value to my daily life. Bill Burr is the grumpy old man everyone needs in their life.  He’s a comedian, and he is known for his crazy rants, but ultimately he’s a good guy.  Just don’t expect him to sugar coat anything for you.




This is the playlist I listened to while riding my motorbike through the mountains in Asia. This and a bunch of throwback hip hop and 90’s music.

Here is my current favorite playlist





I watch a lot of YouTube.  Except for the occasional movie, almost everything I watch is from YouTube. This is the YouTube content I watch most.


1. Caset Neistat

Casey is one of the most famous YouTubers of all time.  Recently he started developing his own creators hub in New York City.  While I don’t watch his channel as regularly as I once did, I still check in on his progress.  His best content comes from commercial work he did years ago.  Some of it was work for larger brands, and some was just him getting a message out there.  Respect.


2. Ashley Yee

On the opposite end of Casey’s fame is a highly underrated YouTube.  Ashley Yee is from Thailand, and his work is outstanding.  He’ll eventually blow up and become super famous.  His content is too good not to.


3. Bro Science Life

The highlight of my week… uhm … month?  Mike posts on a highly irregular schedule, but when he does, it’s gold.  BroScienceLife is a hilarious parity on all that is bro.


4. Yes Theory

I first became aware of Yes Theory when they were still in the tens of thousands of subscribers.  Their channel is all about spreading a positive message on pushing your limits.  Their content is both moving and entertaining.  It is content like their’s that gives me faith in humanity.


5. Marques Brownlee

Better known as MBKHD, he is one of the oldest tech reviewers on YouTube.  Not only are his tech reviews as beautiful to watch as they are helpful, but go watch some of his first episodes.  He started as a kid with a camcorder!  To see how far he has grown with his channel is inspiration for any content creator.


6. Buzz Feed’s Worth It

I don’t know how I feel about most of Buzz Feed’s content.  The majority of it seems to be click baity and lacks real depth.  But they’re also home to the show Worth It.  Steven, Andrew, and Adam made a great hit.  They explore a dish at three different price points to decide which dish is most worth it at it’s given price.  Don’t watch on an empty stomach.


7. Peter McKinnon

Peter is easily the most entertaining photography channel on YouTube.  His blend of education and enthusiasm makes every episode a must watch.  He is insanely talented from years of honing his craft.  He’s also magic.  I mean he has magic.  I mean he does magic.  Just go watch.


8. High On Life

High On Life was one of the first big adventure vlog channels.  They’ve had their ups and downs, but their content has recently reached a new level.  They’re currently my favorite travel channel.  Recently they opened up about their work and how they afford to travel in all the crazy ways they do.


9. Primitive Life

This is the latest channel I subscribed to.  Primitive Life is a collection of episodes of a crafty man building all sorts of inventions to make his primitive lifestyle more comfortable.  I myself don’t live primitively, but there is something fastenating about watching his ingenuity with little to no tools.


10. Sailing SV Delos

This channel got me to start doing my own YouTube channel.  I worked with Brady from SV Delos a few years ago before he took off around the world.  This channel is about a group of young sailors who’ve been circumnavigating the globe.  I watched as Brady and his brother went from producing this channel as a fun way to pass the time, to making it an extremely successful business.







I still read a lot of blog content.  I’d honestly rather read blog posts than the news.  News channels and sites tend to sell sensationalism.  There are many bloggers who do the same, but I found ones I trust.  I tend to follow their content religiously.


1. Tim Ferriss

I mentioned Tim’s podcast before, but his blog is excellent too.  He doesn’t post as many articles as he used to, but his posts are great refrences.  I regularly refer to them for help.  His books are some of the best non-fiction reads ever.  I refer to them as well when I need advice on health and business.


2. F Stoppers

F stoppers is the single greatest encyclopedia on photography advice.  Any time I want to figure out how to do something with a camera, this is the first place I look.


3. The Points Guy

This was one of the first places I learned to amass credit card points. It is a top blog for industry tips in aviation.  This blog is often the first to publish news about changes to credit card benefits and new opportunites.  There’s also tons of great entertaining articles in between like the monthly top items rejected by airport security.  I can’t believe some of the things people try to sneak on a plane.


4. Werd

This blog is one of the first places I hear about new products on the market.  It’s a tech guy’s dream blog and it covers not just gear like cool new cameras, but also cool products like hover jets and travel gadgets.




I only read one book at a time.  This is the current book I’m reading.

Money: Master the Game

I commited to making 2018 the year I start a proper investment plan.  This book is highly regarded as the best starting point for people to understand investing.  So far I couldn’t agree more.  It just might be the most important book I ever read.


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