Podcast Episode 3: Into The Mystery 13

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Guest: Jed

YouTube Channel: Into the Mystery 13

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Instagram: @into_the_mystery_13


Welcome to episode 3!  This podcast is all about nerding out with fellow creators on camera gear, travelling, and all that stuff we creators are obsessed with.    In this podcast Jed from Into The Mystery 13 takes over the mic.  Jed started making YouTube videos a few years ago and was one of the first people to create videos about living fulltime in a converted van.  Jed has had plenty of ups and downs on his channel and in this podcast is very transparent about his channel and what he believes makes for good content.


– How Jed Got Introduced To Van Life 06:23

– Meeting With Fans 17:00

– How Jed Decides What To Film 18:25

– Collaborations 26:15

– Dealing With Negativity32:10

-What Jed Would Say ON CNN 41:50

– Talking about camera gear 45:20


Videos We Mention:


Pro’s and Cons of Van Life:

3527 Kilometers:

Exploring Corey the Moody Traveler:

Dave2D Roast:

Jax Austin Tour:




Gorilla Pod:

Drift HD Action Cam:

Sony FDR X3000:

Eken H8:

Sony A7S:

Sony A6500:

Canon 70D:

Panasonic GH5:

Jed’s Favorite Book:


People We Talked About:


Casey Neistat:

Austin Augie:

Peter McKinnon:

Logan Paul:

Sailing SV Delos:

Corey The Moody Traveler:

Jax Austin:

Seven Wanders:




– This episode was definitely a bit more of an interview style.  How do you like it compared to the first episode?


The Host: James Finn


To Learn More About What The Host Is Up To:




Instagram: @heyjamesfinn

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