Podcast Episode 2: Walk Of Man Part 2

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Guest: Chris Walker

YouTube Channel: WalkOfMan

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Instagram: @walkofman


Welcome to the first episode!  This podcast is all about nerding out with fellow creators on camera gear, travelling, and all that stuff we creators are obsessed with.    In this podcast Chris Walker takes over the mic.  I met chris last year my chance in Washington DC.  He is one of the few YouTubers I have met in the mid-Atlantic area.  He’s also a high energy guy and a lot of fun to talk with.  In this episode, we talk about other YouTubers we follow, videos we like, and gear.


This first episode is a two parter.  I highly reccomend listening to part 1 first so you don’t get lost.


Part 1


– What This Podcast Is 2:37

– Who We Watch 4:25

– YouTube Red 13:18

– Finding Smaller YouTubers 21:45

–  YouTube Camera Rigs 26:30

– Making Videos 35:38

– YouTube Comments 53:06


Part 2


– Dream Collabs 08:52

– Awkward Shooting: 24:36

– YouTubes Future 35:30


Video We Mention:


MBKHD’s First video:

When Chris met Sara:

Chris’s iPhone X review:

Chris’s Homepod review:

Jeni’s Ice Cream:


Jame’s Latest video:

Hack’s of Life:

Joanne the Scammer:




YouTube Red:




Moment Lens:


People We Talked About:


Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist Podcast

Casey Neistat:

Sara Dietchy:

David Dobrik:

Liza Koshy:



Peter McKinnon:

Roberto Blake:


Sam Sheffer:

Logan Paul:

Yes Theory:

Ashley Yee:

Lost Leblanc:

Mattie Haapoja:

GotDamn Zo:



– Do you like the conversational style podcast or would you rather a more structured interview?

– What other creators would you like to see on this podcast?


The Host: James Finn


To Learn more about what the host is up to:




Instagram: @heyjamesfinn

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