My 2018 Manifesto



If you’ve been following my accounts, then you know that things have been quiet for January. I haven’t been posting much if at all.

I’ve been spending a lot of my time surfing in Bali as I experience a true talent focused trip. I hadn’t surfed a day in my life before Bali, now I can consistently catch green waves on a long board.

Next time I’l be switching up to a fun board.

When I wasn’t surfing, I focused on hashing out my plans for 2018. I had a long hard look at my past year of traveling and blogging.

I asked myself, “James, what are you doing with your life?”

I spent some time searching and came up with a plan.


My 2018 Manifesto


This year I will take the journey to become a master storyteller.

Storytelling is the key to unlocking a successful career in any field. It’s the key skill that makes everything in life easier. It opens doors.

I’ve done some things well, and I have done some things poorly this last year, so there’s going to be some changes.


1. Travel vlogging is going away.

There’s so many people doing it, and the truth is it’s not as much fun as you think. To be a top travel vlogger, you have to have the best gear. You need to spend every minute going after the shots that only happen in the perfect weather at the perfect time of day.

That’s not what I’m in to.

I love travel. I love everything comes along with travel, but I’m not interested in being the best travel vlogger.


2. Vlogging is here to stay.

That doesn’t mean I am not going to vlog any more. I’ll still travel as much as I can and my cameras will come with me.

Instead of focusing on travel and talking about travel locations, the vlog is going to change focus from travel to you guessed it…

Story Telling

I will focus on creating unique stories like this one. These sorts of posts take weeks if not months to produce. I’ll offer plenty of video content between those videos about what it takes to make those videos.


3. I’ll write a lot more.

Writing is still the best way to become a better story teller. Writing is easy and requires little effort to go from idea to published work.

Some people think that writing is dead, but is it?

I watch a lot of YouTube these days, but I still read content from my favorite bloggers every day too.

People might be reading less relative to video and podcasts, but total consumption is increasing every day.


4. Instagram will be my test bed this year.

I have a lot of new ideas for ways to tell stories on Instagram. I’ve been learning a lot about the platform and my eyes have opened to all the opportunities there. If you think the platform is big now, you won’t believe what it’s going to look like at the end of this year.


It’s not all going to be easy

I spent 5 years erasing the financial debt I had to my name.  I rewarded myself for that milestone with a long break.

I’m wrapping up this 7 month journey though South East Asia, with no money. This isn’t a period in my life where I can brag about being on top with lots of success.

This is the start.

The last 7 month’s, have been a warm up. I’ve been travelling while figuring things out. Now is the start of my journey, and I’m starting from the bottom. I have no house, no money, nada.

This is the start of the story that everyone asks about.  If you had nothing, and had to start at the beginning, what would that look like? Well this is that story.


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