Man’s most powerful tool.

Do you know what is the most powerful tool man has ever created? It’s wasn’t fire. It’s wasn’t electricity. It wasn’t the computer. It was narrative.

Narrative is the most powerful tool in the history of man kind.

Narrative is what separates man from beast. It is responsible for our evolution in every way. Before narrative, before language, we relied completely on instinct and physical strength for survival.

Instinct and strength are powerful in their own right, but they pale in comparison to narrative.

Narrative allowed humans to educate each other on the dangers and wonders of the world.

Primitive tribes who communicated the most, were the most likely to survive. With the creation of language, older members of a tribe could explain to younger members the dangers of certain places.

They would tell their children stories of how their cousins were eaten by the bears in the cave on the mountain. They’d tell them stories from hunting trips and how they were able to take down big game. These stories told in a tribe increased the chances of survival for its members.

As Darwinism took effect, we evolved to become more and more dependent on narration. Stories grew and became more complex as did civilization. We relied less on brute strength, and more on the story telling.

Narration = Learning
Narration = Survival
Narration = Evolution

All of man’s other great inventions were developed as a result of narration. They were developed over time by people who shared their iterative discoveries in stories. Other people built upon those stories, and over time new ideas blossomed from those stories.

Today narration is vital to our very core. Language, has become entwined with our physical selves. It has a direct influence on the hormones and chemicals in our brain. Especially dopamine. Dopamine, the same chemical triggered by drugs like nicotine and cocaine, is also triggered by strong narrative.

That’s right.

Narrative is like a drug. That’s why people binge watch Television, and Movies. An exciting story can get your heart pumping, or make you feel sad. We have evolved to become addicted to narration.

Whether you think this is good or bad, is irrelevant.

It is fact.

Narration is a tool with incredibly powerful influence. Honestly, narration is the most powerful tool man has ever created.

The most powerful people in the world are the people with the most control of the most powerful tools. Guns don’t win wars. Propaganda does. The most influential people in the world all came from different backgrounds. They had different talents, but the one thing they had in common, the one thing they will always have in common, is they are masters of narration.

If you want to make your mark in the world, there is only one tool you need to focus on developing. If you are a titan of narration, it doesn’t matter where you direct your focus, you will always stand at the top of the mountain.

“If you are a titan of narration, it doesn’t matter where you direct your focus, you will always stand at the top of the mountain.”

If you have a business and you haven’t reached the level of success you are looking for, if you are an artist and don’t have the following you desire, it is all for one reason.

You’re narrative is weak.

It’s either weak literally, or your products are weak in generating a narrative of why people should care about them.

If you want the influence and the success, you first must master narration.


1. The only way to master narration is to create it.

You already have the most important piece to the puzzle. A language. If you are able to read this than you are able to read. If you can read, then you can write. If you can write, then you can speak.

The beginning of mastery starts with practice. You must focus on creation. Don’t create for any other reason than the sake of creating. I’m not building an empire today, I am building the talents today that will allow me to create the empire tomorrow.

It doesn’t matter what stories you are telling. When you are starting out, your stories are going to suck. Even the greatest influencers who started with the most privilege sucked at first. No one cared about the poor nooby or the rich kid when they first started creating, because both of these people started with weak narrative.

As does everyone.

You hear from almost every successful person that they spent years working hard before they became an “overnight success”. A lot of these successful people you follow don’t even realize what led them to be so successful. It wasn’t their talent at sports, or technology. There are lots of talented people that never become successful.

Look at Instagram.  There are lots of people with amazing feeds and only a few hundred followers.


Successful people become successful because they finally became proficient at one thing. Narration.

2. Put your creations out in the open for people to judge.

Be fearless to put your creations in the eye of the public. You already know what is going to happen. Your work is going to get stomped on. It’s going to get stomped on because it deserves to get stomped on.

It’s part of the game.

You can cry about the bloody nose and give up, or you can learn from the bloody nose and become better from having it.

The biggest lesson about story telling is your opinion matters very little.

There are two parties in every narration. The narrator, and the audience.

The audience always gets to decide on the value of the story. The narrator gets to choose what to create, but the audience gets to choose whether to listen or not.

When you first start, the majority of your creations will be ignored. Your audience will choose not to listen.

Keep creating.

Keep publishing.

Learn from each creation to make the next piece better. Eventually they will stop ignoring you.

3. Be patient.

A lot of places in life you can cut corners, but there are no corners to cut to master narration. It’s a patient man’s game. It’s a game of creating everyday. Of being ignored everyday, until you’re not.

The toughest part is most people don’t get the satisfaction of becoming an overnight success either.  They don’t get to go from 0 to a million followers. Their skills grow slowly and their audience does too.

One year it’s zero followers, zero sales.

Two, Three, Four years later it’s maybe a few hundred.

Five, six, seven years later it’s a few thousand, and eventually it’s more.

The growth can seem so slow it’s stagnant, but if you keep creating you are always growing.

The best part of this journey is there is only one way to fail.

If you stop, you will fail.

If you keep going, then it’s only a matter of time.

Mastering the art of story telling is the only guaranteed way to succeed. It doesn’t matter what the story is about. When you are a master story teller, your audience will listen.

An audience that is listening means $$$ and influence.

It is how it was.

It is how it is.

It is how it will always be.

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