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What Is An Asia Day?

“Yo dude. What’s up?  Haven’t talked to you in a while.” “Hey bro.  I’ve been better.  Having an Asia Day.” “Asia Day?  What’s that?” Asia Days Asia Days are gonna happen when you travel through Asia.  You’re not going to gets Asiaed  every day you travel, but they will happen […]

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30 Days Thailand: Exploration Route

Most people touring Thailand are able to visit for 30 days without getting a visa.  If you want to maximize your 30 days of experience here are my recommendations. There are three routes. The exploration route is about exploring as many places as possible while not rushing too much through […]

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How I plan while traveling

I don’t plan more than a day or two in advance when I travel.  My plans often change suddenly.  I might decide to stay in a place a little longer, or change the location of my next destination. Having more set plans can make the adventure of spontaneity difficult. Planning […]

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