Who's James Finn?

Just another crazy millennial living a crazy millennial life. 

Skill Focused Travel (SFT)

Procedures for Skill Focused Travel I haven’t seen anyone using this term yet.  I’m coining it here and now. Skill Focused Travel conceptually is not new.  People have been traveling the…

5 Life Lessons I learned While Traveling

I explored jungles, dove exotic reefs, and trekked across mountains. I crashed in 5 star resorts and bunked in wooden huts.  I dined on exotic foods and drank with the locals. I had a lot of time to …

The 4 Projects That Changed My Life

  I’m not going to tell you I have some big secret for how to be successful.  I’m not going to tell you I am happy all the time.  I can tell you I have lived a pretty god damn inter…

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